What is the Cost of Home Elevators in India?

The best Home Elevators

The Best Home Elevators Company in India:

Chennai, India – Having tied up with the German corporation, TK Access Solutions, Elite Elevators is a home elevators company headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They specialise in home lifts, residential elevators, stairlifts, platform lifts, cog belt home elevators, gearless residential lifts and hydraulic home elevators for small homes, villas, bungalows, low-rise buildings and luxury homes. Their home lifts are TÜV SÜD certified and are imported directly from their partner’s facility in Pisa, Italy. 

Well-known for their attention to detail, safety and sophistication, Elite Elevators’ home lifts carry the legacy of German engineering, Italian manufacturing and 200+ years of expertise in the field. Elite Elevators’ home lifts comply with 194 parameters of safety, making their home lifts not only the country’s safest but the world’s safest too. This factor has made them especially popular in India, making them India’s leading and only certified home lift brand.

Apart from their safety, Elite Elevators’ home lift technologies are quite superior in make and performance. Developed after decades of rigorous research, each drive system and patented technology is a hallmark of German engineering and Italian manufacturing. In fact, their home lifts are equipped with 14 unique patents that not only enhance their performance but also increase their lifespan. 

Take, for example, Elite Elevators’ most popular home elevator, the E200. Operating on an enhanced hydraulic drive system coupled with 14 patented mechanisms such as the greaseless rail technology and soft start and stop technology (to name a few), this home elevator affords its users a noiseless, smooth and luxurious ride every time. 

The E300 model – which happens to be the most exclusive home elevator – and the Flow X stairlift in the Elite Elevator product range also use patented and never-seen-before technology created by German experts. The former operates exclusively on its patented gearless CogBelt drive with a rivetless shaft while the latter runs on the patented and award-winning Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) technology. Both of these original creations are game-changers in their respective areas and not only outperform but outlast conventional drives. 

“Elite Elevators’ international standard home elevators are here to change the Indian home elevator game. Our home elevators are top-notch in terms of design, performance and durability. Each home elevator is unique and distinct to every home as we offer customisation options too. Couple this with the high calibre of safety present in our home elevators and you have one unstoppable force,” said an Elite Elevators spokesperson. 

Catering to the Indian clientele, Elite Elevators’ home lifts are 100% Vaastu compliant. Their home lifts do not require a separate pit, machine room or headroom – which are major Vaastu defects that have been removed from their home lifts. Additionally, they do not consume a lot of electricity. They use approximately 1.45 kW in total, which is equal to the power consumption of a half-ton air conditioner. Their home lifts are also environmentally conscious as they require only a single-phase power supply and do not consume power when descending. 

Elite Elevators is known to handle every project with swift responses and diligent follow-ups. They have a professional customer service team on 24×7 standby so that every query and request is dealt with on time. They have an experience centre for the entire product range so that clients can test out the product first-hand before making a purchase.  

The Cost Of Home Elevators in India:

The Cost of Home lifts in India can cost anywhere between Rs. 10 Lakhs – 1.5 Crores. Any “home elevator” that costs less than this bracket is not a genuine one. It is a sure sign that you are being duped by the manufacturer or seller. One important aspect to keep in mind while purchasing or deciding to purchase Home lifts in India is that you must consider them as investments. Home lifts price in India may seem exorbitant to an unsuspecting few but they come with a multitude of benefit



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