So… You Want to Build Your Own Website? Don’t.

A robust and well-designed website is significant to success in online channels as it is the foundation of most marketing efforts. Regardless of where a business promotes its products and services, prospective customers will look for a website of companies they are interested in.


A website influences online lead generation and can help build trust and credibility – two factors for closing sales. Any business looking to gain new customers online can only succeed with a professional-looking website.


Online website-building tools have made it easier for people to create and run a website. These templated websites are less expensive and easy to build, especially for those with no coding experience and knowledge in web development NJ. While it is a convenient option for business owners, websites generated using these tools are not always the most profitable choice for a business.


One limitation of a DIY website is a subpar user experience that can drive prospective customers away. User experience is one of the most significant sales factors in the current business environment.


Creating a website that provides a pleasant user experience requires a fast load speed. Even with a website builder that helps create a visually appealing website, it is still important to work on the load speed, which is one of the elements of user experience. Optimizing for load speed requires expertise that most DIY websites do not have.


Another limitation of a templated website is the lack of features for search engine optimization or SEO. SEO allows a business to gain organic visibility online. Contrary to popular belief, Plainfield SEO involves more than just incorporating keywords within content. SEO also requires knowledge of backend optimizations. This helps a website meet the ranking factors of search engines and become qualified for a higher rank.


Website builders allow limited margin for optimizations. SEO and technical expertise are required to optimize a business website’s organic visibility.

For more details about creating a business website, here is an infographic by Landau Consulting.



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