Radiology Second Opinion

Getting a Radiology Second Opinion means having another radiologist, or a team of radiologists, review all of your radiology reports and test results. A radiology second opinion may confirm the original diagnoses by your current physician/radiologist or reveal new findings that might have been missed in the earlier report(s). The practice of getting a ‘second opinion’ is increasingly becoming popular amongst patients who like to be active and informed partners in the management of their own health. The more informed you are about your condition, the easier it is for you to make health decisions that minimize risk.

The key to an accurate diagnosis is a correct interpretation of the imaging study by an expert radiologist. There are many patients who go through the wringer trying to get a clear answer regarding their health issues. Even after years of doctor visits and a long journey through the health care system, they are unable to receive a diagnosis that explains the health problems that they are facing and the reasons behind it.

An informed patient, is a better patient.
The more informed you are about your condition, the easier it is for you to make health decisions that minimize risk. It is quite possible that you have received a diagnosis that you aren’t very convinced about and/or maybe you have been advised a surgery but you would like to get another opinion before taking that step, in either case a diagnostic radiology second opinion can be highly valuable to you as a patient. A Second opinion can offer you a better understanding of your condition and give you the confidence to make a decision regarding the next steps for your treatment and recovery. Obtaining a radiology second opinion can offer valuable insights and deeper understanding of your particular condition to both you and your treating physician, and thus enable your healthcare team to make informed decisions about your medical care.

A radiology second opinion can help you

1.) Ensure your diagnosis is correct
2.) Select a treatment plan that is best for you
3.) Understand your condition better
4.) Answer your questions
5.) Become an active, informed partner in your healthcare
6.) Offer peace of mind, by helping you understand your condition better and thereby helping you choose the right treatment plan

We Offer:

1.) MRI 2nd Opinion
2.) CT Scan 2nd Opinion
3.) X-ray 2nd Opinion
4.) USG / Ultrasound / Sonography 2nd Opinion
5.) 2nd Opinion on Mammograms
6.) 2nd Opinion on PET Scans

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