My aunty lives alone in Ohio, and she has memory issues as well. I live very far and need someone to help me move her to a safer place. Can a real estate agent help my aunt and me move?

Many elders often begin to face different issues related to their health, like memory loss, immobility, and others and given their health condition, it becomes even more difficult for them to look after their property. As they grow older, their safety also becomes a concern for most of us. Therefore, they should be moved to a smaller place that offers maximum amenities and even memory loss care and convenience for their mobile activities. All this is possible as the best Dayton realtors are here to help you with senior relocation services. So, if you are wondering about looking for a specialist in this region and take all the elder’s requirements, from selling the property and moving them to a new and convenient property with all the amenities and then also assisting them with the finances if needed, then Downsize Allies are the best partners to get in touch with. Downsize Allies are specialists in senior relocation, and with their expertise and experiences, they have been seen as the best realtors in Dayton, Ohio. They understand your concern for your loved ones, as they are growing old and need various assistance like memory loss care, community support and others. Now you don’t have to get troubled with moving to the smaller units; the specialists in this region will take care of all your and your parent’s stress.


February 13, 2024

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