How To Maintain A Rotating Telehandler When Not In Use?

Often, you must have seen that things that have been used and kept get spoiled due to not being taken care of properly. The same is the situation with rotating telehandlers. How to sustain them properly after using them so it does not get damaged and remain in good condition? The best way to keep your rotating telehandler running gracefully is to minimize repairs and downtime. Implement a preventive maintenance program to ensure that routine maintenance tasks are completed regularly.

Rotating Telehandler Safety Tips To Avoid Any Field Accidents

By performing pre-scheduled maintenance at specific intervals, you can catch potential problems before they become significant problems and extend the time between repair or failure. What should be included in your rotating telehandler preventive maintenance program? How do you ensure that you properly care for your pumps, turbines, compressors, fans, blowers, gearboxes, and centrifuges?

Five Tips for Maintaining Your Rotating Telehandler

Dieci Ontario, the rotating telehandler specialist, shares a few tips on how to maintain it for a longer life.

  • Cleaning is the key to proper inspection – Regular cleaning of a rotating telehandler is essential for adequate preventive maintenance. Cleaning your rotating equipment can not only help reduce vibration levels and improve overall performance, but it is essential for a thorough, accurate inspection. Simply put, cleaning tools help you locate any defects or problems that need to be addressed.
  • Ensure proper alignment – Proper alignment is an essential aspect of the smooth operation of rotating equipment. Properly aligned rotating equipment reduces vibration levels. This results in less wear and tear, less risk of shaft fatigue and sudden failure, lower power consumption, and increased component life. Proper tools and operator training are essential for adequately aligning rotating equipment, so don’t skimp on this part.
  • Listening to unusual sounds — When inspecting a rotating telehandler like a pump, your ears are great tools for identifying potential problems. Listen to the appliance while it is running, and pay attention to any unusual sounds. Strange sounds are often warning signs that the appliance is not functioning adequately, and it is significant to try to get to the root of the problem.
  • Attention to abnormal vibration –  High vibration levels in your rotating telehandler can reduce the component life of bearings, couplings, seals, and other essential components. One way to reduce vibration levels is to balance the equipment using manual balancing systems or active balancing techniques.
  • Keep all moving equipment lubricated: Lubricating oil is significant for maintenance procedure.The condition of lubricating oil/grease should be checked regularly and re-lubricated to the proper level as necessary. Proper lubrication maintenance can go a long way in preventing bearing-related repairs.


In conclusion, by implementing these procedures, you can extend the lifespan of your rotating telehandler, improve its overall performance, and reduce costly repairs and downtime. Remember, preventive maintenance requires an ongoing commitment to being effective.


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