Finance EMI Locker Software

Finance EMI Locker

Finance EMI locker Software is an advanced technology that helps to secure equated monthly instalment (EMI) payment for finance devices. It allows retailers to lock over due EMI customers devices in realtime. This ensures that the EMI payment is collected as per schedule and helps in improving customer satisfaction. It also reduces collection costs and increases revenue for the Finance, Resellers & Telecom Carriers companies.

Often customers change their sim or mobile number after financing their devices and do not pay EMI on time. EMI Locker helps you to safeguard your device from such scenarios. You can remotely lock the buyer’s phone and he will be able to receive calls and texts only. He won’t be able to access any other functionality and the phone will only function as a dummy. It is a world class technology solution specially made for mobile emi payment and self financing retailers.

FDL Pro is a finance EMI locker software that allows you to secure emi payments by locking overdue financed customer devices in realtime. It reduces the hassle of collecting EMI payments and improves business performance by eliminating cash collection costs.

Our EMI Locker is packed with multiple useful features. It allows you to get the user’s sim details and detailed call logs. It is also capable of locking the USB ports so that the device cannot be charged or data can’t be transferred. The device will only work if the EMI is paid. You can even reset the customer mobile screen password to remind him of his EMI payment dues. You can also disable the social media apps and prevent him from using his device if you want.

January 25, 2024

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