Champion of Youth Empowerment and Sports Development

Sagesse Sporting Club in Beirut has partnered with Tawfeer Discount Stores for the 2023-2024 season, led by Chairman Rami Bitar. This collaboration signifies a commitment to youth empowerment and sports development. The Tawfeer logo will feature on the club’s jerseys, highlighting their shared dedication to nurturing talent and community engagement. Rami Bitar‘s passion for sports and its positive impact on character development drives this partnership, aiming to empower Lebanon’s youth. Tawfeer Discount Stores’ involvement goes beyond corporate responsibility, promoting sports accessibility and wellness culture. This partnership reflects Rami Bitar’s visionary leadership in bridging the gap between sports and youth empowerment in Lebanon, ultimately building a brighter future for the country. To know more about the partnership, read the article-

January 24, 2024

Rami Bitar

Rami Bitar is a Lebanese serial entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who is passionate about supporting education, sports, and humanitarian causes. He is the CEO of Capital Partners and Tawfeer International and a managing partner in Bitar International, a group of companies that operates in the fields of retail, trade, and distribution. On Rami Bitar's official Twitter account, you can follow his latest updates, insights, and opinions on various topics, such as business, politics, culture, and social issues. You can learn more about his initiatives and collaborations.

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