Apollo Investment

At Apollo Investment, we specialise in NDIS Property Investment as a property investment consultancy firm. We deliver our investors a comprehensive solution to commit their investments in SDA housing, constructing high-yielding property investment portfolios.

Adhering to a strict Fee-For-Service model, we’ve purposefully distanced ourselves from the conventional industry practices by maintaining 100% transparency in our business model and persistently advocating for ethical investment. Our approach to investing is long-term, and through our dedication to clients, we’ve rapidly ascended to become one of Australia’s most revered and known NDIS property investment firms.‍

Fast forward to the present, we are proud to have assisted hundreds of investors in building cash-positive portfolios in NDIS property. Testament to our quality service, it’s no surprise to find that numerous Apollo Investment clients have invested in multiple SDA properties, with several well on their journey to double-digit figures.


February 21, 2024

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